Products and services

  • Banking and credits


    We offer a range of banking and cash management services, which include:

    • Current accounts in multiple currencies.
    • Payments.
    • Safe custody.
    • Credit cards.
    • Foreign exchange services.

    Investment finance

    We offer a range of financing facilities which can be used to help construct an investment portfolio. They are secured by the lending value of clients' diversified portfolios of liquid, marketable collateral such as cash, bonds, shares and funds.

    The two main types of facility are:

    • Overdrafts. Current account overdrafts are available to cover short-term financing requirements, with an interest rate based on prevailing market rates.
    • Fixed Advances. We offer loans fixed for a period of 1-12 months, with an interest rate based on Libor and fixed for the specified period. Such loans can be renewed on a rolling basis.

    We also issue bank guarantees on behalf of our clients in favour of third parties, and provide credit facilities to cover the writing of foreign exchange forward contracts as well as foreign exchange or equity options.

  • Structured products

    Structured products play an important role in wealth management.

    For many clients, they offer the benefit of upside potential coupled with downside protection, with returns linked to underlying investments - all in a packaged and accessible form. For those clients with more sophisticated requirements, they can be used to exploit highly specialised opportunities that require technical / structuring expertise of the highest order.

    At EFG Bank von Ernst, we are able to draw from the expertise available within the EFG International group.

    For more details you can talk to your Client Relationship Officer.

  • Portfolio investment management

    "Traditional" investment

    As the name suggests, this is a classical method of investing. After careful discussion of the goals and objectives of each client, we agree his or her attitude to risk and return, then choose a benchmark which we will use to evaluate performance.

    As we manage the portfolio, we make asset allocation decisions based on the benchmark and attitude to risk. We are able to deviate from this benchmark depending on our assessment of prospects for the various financial markets, but only within carefully prescribed parameters.

  • Trust services

    EFG Bank von Ernst provides a range of wealth structuring and trust services, working closely with experts across the network of its parent company, EFG International.

    We offer comprehensive trust services that support you in your long-term plans for the preservation, management and distribution of your assets during your lifetime and beyond.

    For more information please talk to your Client Relationship Officer.